Buttons are used to direct users into taking the action you want them to take (for example get in touch/register for an event).

There are primary, secondary and tertiary buttons. All buttons can be used with or without icons. The button label should be named clearly and explicit with a verb or noun that specifically describes the desired action. Buttons can be linked to an internal target or to an external URL.

The “Roche Button” is a linking component. The “Label” field is mandatory, this text will show up in the button, the character limitation is 30 characters. In the “Appearance” dropdown you can choose from 3 variants: “Primary”, “Secondary”, “Tertiary”.

In the “Link” field you can select “Internal link” and choose the exact page from the dropdown or you can choose “Url” and add the Url of the linked page. “Link target” should be “SELF” (opens in the same tab) for internal pages and “BLANK” (opens in a new tab) for external links.

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