This is a highlighted teaser type. Inside the component you can select the internal page you want to link to in the “Page” field, please be aware that the "url" option is not supported. In the “Layout” you can select the “Default” or the “Default without Overline”. By default in this teaser type the text shows up on the left hand side and the image is on the right, but you can swap it by enabling the “Mirror Layout” option. For the “Teaser Image Ratio” you can select “Square (1:1)” or “HD (16:9)”. You can overwrite the teaser image by adding a new one in the “Slotted Hero Image” field but be aware that this will only change the image on the page you are, not everywhere. In case you need you can add more buttons under “Slotted Secondary Action”. It is possible to change the text ("Read more") of the button under "Primary Button Title". If left empty 'Read More' is displayed as the button text. Please refer to the visual look guidelines if you wish to overwrite this text. It is not advised to create more than one Hero Teaser in the same grid, in case of several Hero Teasers under each other, each one should be used in different grids.

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