Media includes static images, videos, videoloops or the preview image for a video. This component can be used for Text/Media layout versions or as a standalone component on the pages.

Add an "Image", then inside this component you can select the image itself from the “Asset manager” under “Image”, the recommended image size is 2560×1440px. You are also able to use a video loop, which is a moving image (without sounds), if you upload the video to Brightcove and insert the provided ID in the “Brightcove ID for Videoloop” field.

You can select the following for the “Ratio” of the image:

  • HD (16:9)

  • Wide (2.39:1)

  • Square (1:1)

  • Vertical (4:5)

  • Original

You can also set the “Position” of the image, to make sure nothing important is cut off from the picture. If you need the title or caption of the image visible you can enable the “Show Title/Caption” option.

Always verify that the quality of the images is excellent and that they are not blurry, cut off or low resolution ones. Images that include text are not acceptable.

There are two ways to add a video, based on where the video is uploaded:

  • If you have the video on Youtube, you can add the ID (not the whole URL) of the video to the “Youtube Video” field. For example, if you have a Youtube link like the following:, you can add the “gtbw1sx-mPE” part of the URL as the ID.

  • For the thumbnail you can use the following website to download the image:Once you have the thumbnail, you can upload it under "Preview".

  • If the video is on Brightcove, add the provided ID to the “Brightcove Video” field.

  • For the “Preview” image, select the correct thumbnail from the “Asset manager”.

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