Roche slider

We can add multiple elements inside this component. First, we can select how many slides we would like to see at once in the “Slides Per Page” field. Then we can add as many “Roche Slider Item” as we would like. In the “Roche Slider Item” under “Slotted” we can add all the components we need for the slide.

Examples of how we can use this component:
Headshot of Dr Ildiko Amann-Zalan smiling to the camera
Dr Ildiko Amann-Zalan
Lifecycle Leader, Immunoassay & Clinical Chemistry, Point of Care, Roche Diagnostics Solutions
Headshot of Bill Anderson smiling to the camera
Bill Anderson
CEO, Roche Pharmaceuticals
Dr Barry Clinch
Head of Infectious Diseases, Roche Pharmaceuticals
Alicia Gardner
Lifecycle Leader, COVID-19, Roche Pharmaceuticals
Dr Levi Garraway
Chief Medical Officer and Head of Global Product Development, Roche Pharmaceuticals
Dr Michael Hombach
Clinical Development and Medical Affairs Network Leader, Infectious Diseases, Roche Diagnostics Solutions
Dr Palani Kumaresan
Global Head of Research and Development, Roche Diagnostics Solutions
Dr Jonathan Parsons
Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine specialist
Dr Monika Puri
Global Policy Lead, Roche Pharmaceuticals
Prof Francois Raffi
Infectious and Tropical Diseases specialist
Headshot of Bill Anderson smiling to the camera
Stefan Seliger
Global Head of Access & Policy, Roche Diagnostics Solutions
Dr Eike Steinmann
Molecular and Medical Virology specialist
Larry Tsai
Global Head of Respiratory and Allergy Product Development, Roche Pharmaceuticals
Dr Alexandra Valsamakis
Global Head of Medical Clinical Development and Scientific Medical Affairs, Roche Diagnostics Solutions
Dr Stephen Wright
Lifecycle Leader & Franchise Lead, Rheumatology and Nephrology, Roche Pharmaceuticals

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