Story staging hero

Every page with page type “Story” starts with a “Story Staging Hero” which is only used once on each page. It needs to be in a Grid (12) and it optionally contains the title, the short description of the page, and an image. There are two variants of this component: “Variant A” and “Variant B”.

  • Ensure that Show Tags field is enabled on both variants, otherwise, the tags that are added within Tagging information will not show under the page title.

Variant A
“Variant A” is higher and showing the story description but not the image.

We can use "Variant A" if we do not have a staging image or if we want to add a story description.

Variant B
  • We should use "Variant B" if we have a staging image for the page

  • We can adjust the ratio and the position of the image under the image component

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